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Paul's Recommendation

Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE

"Whether you are a private pilot, sport pilot, flight instructor, flight school, light sport aircraft owner, or aviation enthusiast...you'll easily find the pilot supplies, aviation equipment, flight equipment, pilot gear and pilot gifts you're looking for".

Paul's Recommendation

Be sure to check out my recommendations throughout the stores. I've reviewed every product, so you can be confident that the items you're purchasing meets our high standards and your needs."

My recommendations typically includes:

  • Who - Who will find the product useful.
  • What - What the product will do for you.
  • When - When you will find the product especially useful.
  • Where - Where you will find the product especially useful.
  • Why - Why you should own and use the product.

Paul Hamilton Flight Instructor, Filmmaker, Author

Come To Our Flight School

In addition to producing a wide array of flight training courses and entertaining and educational aviation films, Paul Hamilton also conducts flight training at the Sport Aviation Center in Carson City, Nevada. Featured pilot training programs are for the Sport Pilot (airplane LSA) and Private Pilot (airplane and trike LSA) Rating.

Courses are also available for checkrides, proficiency checks, flight reviews and custom programs for specific needs.

Why Train at Paul Hamilton's Sport Aviation Center

  • Customized, accelerated training
  • First class facilities
  • Experienced instructors
  • Modern, well-maintained equipment
  • Convenient western USA vacation destination location
  • Go to Sport Aviation Center to learn more.